1. Arts education budgets are consistently being slashed, so organizations like Arts For All serve a vital purpose to bring arts education back into schools.
  2. Arts For All reaches approximately 3,500 kids in New York City each year with targeted arts programs that are in line with state learning standards.
  3. Over 70% of the support Arts For All receives goes directly into programs.
  4. Our 20 organizational and school partners rely on Arts For All’s programs to engage their students.
  5. With our Literacy Through the Arts Program, we are teaching literacy through song, music, choral speaking, dance, puppets and theatre in K-2nd Grades.
  6. “419 schools in New York City (28%) lack even one certified art teacher, including 20% of all high schools (76), 22% of all middle schools (59), and 38% of all elementary schools.” NYC Comptroller, Scott Stringer in his report “State of the Arts, A Plan to Boost Arts Education in New York City Schools”
  7. Because Arts For All inspires learning like this: I love the dance moves you have taught me. You are talented with grace and heart in your story of wonder. I thank you for all you have done in my life.“- AFA student, Kayla, Grade 4

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