An Interview with Broadway Actress Kristie Kerwin

For our latest Artist Interview, we were lucky enough to sit down with seasoned actress and Broadway performer Kristie Kerwin! The NYU graduate has appeared in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, performed as Nellie with the First National Lincoln Center touring production of South Pacific, and sang and danced in the Broadway production of Spamalot. (She even appeared on a two story Spamalot billboard in Las Vegas! How many people can say that?!) In addition to granting us an interview, Kristie will be volunteering her time and talents to perform in “Growing Up ~ Reaching Out”, our fourth annual silent auction and cabaret coming up this Sunday, April 29th! Check out Kristie’s interview below:

In three words, describe yourself as a performer.
– Honest, Heartfelt, Intuitive

What made you realize that you wanted to perform professionally?
– It was a gradual realization for me.  I had many different interests but they all seemed to point me towards the theater, the interest in human behavior and how a magical theatrical experience can change lives and make a positive impact in the world.

That’s exactly what we’re about here at Arts For All- making a positive impact on the world through the arts. We’re lucky to have such talented volunteers and professionals who are aligned with our mission! Tell us- who in your life, either professionally or personally, do you look up to or admire and why?
– My sister, Katie.  Her love and passion for performing and the arts is what inspired me to get into it and continues to inspire me.

If you were trapped on a desert island with only one musical score, what would it be and why?
– South Pacific- classic Rodgers and Hammerstein, beautifully orchestrated, and I have a soft spot in my heart for it from personal experience. Not to mention it would be appropriate story-wise since it takes place on an island!

Haha! A fantastic answer with multiple meanings- I love it! Who or what helps you get through your professional tough times?
– Letters from audience patrons are wonderful reminders of how our performances can impact people.

Also a great answer! I think Barbra Streisand once said that your audience is your best judge. I can imagine few things more rewarding than knowing you’re truly connecting with the people for whom you’re performing. As someone who has both been in the audience and on stage, what is your favorite Broadway play?
– Tough call. I loved doing Monty Python’s Spamalot on Broadway.

And finally, what advice do you have for aspiring thespians?
– Follow your heart, stay true to yourself, be open, forge on…

Thank you for your time and for sharing with us, Kristie! Readers, learn more about Kristie by visiting her website, and don’t miss an opportunity to see her and other Broadway caliber actors share their talents in a very special performance for Arts For All this Sunday! It’s not too late to reserve your ticket to our fourth annual benefit and cabaret, “Growing Up ~ Reaching Out.” In addition to being a part of this special event, you’ll be helping us bring artistic opportunities to NYC’s in-need children! Click on the button below to RSVP!

Check back soon for another blog post. We hope to see you Sunday!

– The Arts For All Team

“The audience is the best judge of anything. They cannot be lied to. Truth brings them closer.”
~Barbra Streisand


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