The Artistic Residency Program

Arts For All’s Artistic Residency Program is:

    • Free to in-need youth organizations!
    • Taught by professional artists
    • 1-2 hours long
    • Customizable to meet your group’s needs
    • Available in many arts disciplines

Program Disciplines include:

    • Drama
    • Dance
    • Music
    • Painting
    • Drawing
    • Mask and puppet making
    • Video
    • Video editing
    • Creative writing
    • And more!

Our Programs:

Artistic Residency Program:
Through our Artistic Residency Program, AFA’s professional artists teach music, theater, dance, visual art, poetry and film workshops to under-served children aged 4-19. AFA partners with public schools and community organizations lacking funding for arts programming.  We work with the needs of our partnering organizations to provide arts programs for the length of time, age groups and artistic disciplines they request.

Literacy Through the Arts:
Literacy Through the Arts builds students’ reading, writing and verbal expression skills through a multi-arts curriculum in theater, literature, music, visual arts and dance. Through art, K-2 students develop critical and creative thinking and a vocabulary to express ideas, stories and emotions.

Artistic Exposure Program:
Artistic Exposure Program offers special extra-curricular opportunities for our students, such as our annual Day at the Met field trip to the Metropolitan Museum.

Audience Project Tour:
The annual Audience Project Tour brings a free professional theater production to over 2,500 under-served kids in the NYC area each fall. Previous productions include The Emperor’s New Clothes, Pinocchio!, and Pig Pen Theatre’s The Mountain Song.

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