Program Update: Literacy Through the Arts

Literacy Through the Arts is up and running at two NYC schools: PS 15 and Hamilton Heights.  Our three Teaching Artists update us all on the work being done in the classrooms.

From Captain Robin Cannon and her pink guitar, Pinkerton:

The fall semester is an especially important one for Kindergarten – they are learning to read and write. Our Literacy Through the Arts program enhances learning in the classroom in a fun and interactive way! LTA Kindergarten students have been singing songs about their letters with a hot pink guitar, engaging in creative movement about stories they are reading, and making craft projects representing the letters they are learning each week.

This past Thursday at Hamilton Heights, one student asked me if I could come sing with them again on Saturday…I am happy to know I am helping to make learning so much fun that students want to go to school on Saturdays!

From Lena Moy-Borgen:


1st Grade is so much fun! We’re building puppets based on Where the Wild Things Are and making scripts and backdrops to put on our own puppet shows.

From Shawn Shafner:

2nd grade has just started at PS 15. Students decided to call themselves the Superstars Ensemble, and have begun working together as actors to create and tell stories.

Maybe the most exciting thing about teaching LTA to second graders at PS 15, is that I can see how much the kids have benefited from the previous two years.  Our semester opens with a unit on the actor’s tools (voice, body, imagination and heart), and students already knew that actors use their voices to act a script–something they got from Lena. The kids exhibit so much confidence in their ability to act out situations and feelings, allowing them to excel not only in LTA, but when encountering literature during their other classes. Most importantly, however, I see students who already have a concept of themselves as thoughtful, expressive artists–whatever their art may be.

Keep an eye on this Blog for more updates about Literacy Through the Arts and the rest of our programs!

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