Growing Up – Reaching Out: Arts For All’s 4th Annual Benefit!

I don’t know about you, but when I was a little girl, I loved to play dress up with my parents’ clothes. My sister and I would spend hours in their walk in closet carefully selecting motley ensembles that transformed us into teachers, judges, princesses, and everything in between. We donned oversized watches and neckties, filled our father’s attach√© cases with construction paper and stuffed animals, and set off to conquer our obstacles before snack time. Wearing our mother’s high heels, we were giants ready to take on anything. It may have been make believe to others; but in our childlike imaginations,¬†we were very real grown ups with very real goals.

When I reflect on those moments now- twenty-something years later- I realize how much of that little girl I still am and how important it is to keep my inner child alive as I navigate my adulthood. The shoes are a perfect fit, and my briefcase may contain a laptop instead of coloring books; but everyday I still have obstacles to conquer and goals to reach for. To reach for these goals with the positive and unwavering outlook of a child makes the task that much more exhilarating!

The 4th annual Arts For All benefit is coming up on Sunday, April 29th and this year’s focus is “Growing Up – Reaching Out.” We may be a young non-profit but we’ve grown up more than we could have imagined in a short time! Join us as we celebrate the success of the past and present, and share in our excitement as we look forward to a bright and unlimited future. We’ve served thousands of children in need all over the New York City area, and with the ongoing support of our contributors, we know we can serve thousands more in the years to come! In the next few weeks, we’ll be updating the site with details on how you can make a donation to the benefit, reserve your seat at the performance, or even volunteer to help us out with the event! If you don’t want to wait until the benefit, click the button below to make a general donation to Arts For All!



So mark your calendars. We not only hope to see you on April 29th, we hope to see you singing and dancing along with us as we celebrate with a night of great music, a wonderful silent auction and, of course, good company!

– Melinda and the Arts For All Team

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”
~Anne Frank

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