A Day at the Met

Day at the Met Field Trip- 2015
By Alexandra Price

On Saturday, November 7th, 2015, 50 students plus chaperones from P.S. 163 and New Alternatives for Children were able to travel back in time…at the Metropolitan Museum of Art! Arts For All hosted its 12th annual Day at the Met field trip with the volunteer assistance and the generous sponsorship of Capgemini and Kohl’s.

The first part of the day consisted of professional tour guides from the Metropolitan Museum of Art leading the groups through new eras. Broken up into groups, the students were able to retell the stories and facts they learned to their peers. While one group learned about the warriors in Greek and Roman sculpture, another travelled through ancient Asia where they learned about the Buddha and meditation.












After lunch in the cafeteria, the students participated in tours with Arts For All volunteers, Alan Ostroff, Otto Cheng and Alexandra Price. While Alexandra taught her group about Cubism in the Modern and Contemporary galleries of the museum where they made their own Cubism inspired drawings, Otto took his students on an adventure through the armory exhibit. The trip through time allowed the students to visit with the armor of the knights from Europe, warriors from Japan, and the flags of King Arthur and his knights of the round table. They explored the artistry of armor-making, designs of different types of swords and the family crests on various shields.

Otto Met












Arts For All is extremely grateful to our sponsors, Capgemini and Kohl’s, for supporting this field trip and providing a team of enthusiastic and engaging volunteers. We’d also like to send thanks to the dedicated Arts For All volunteers who donated their Saturday to help pass on their passion for art to the children we serve!

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