Meet our new intern, Alexandra!

August 26, 2015

Meet the new Arts for All Intern, Alexandra!

How did you find out about Arts for All and why did you want to join the cause?

I was researching non-profit organizations in the New York City area that worked in the arts and found many including AFA. Through my research, I reviewed the websites of each organization including blogs and press releases to distinguish which groups were the most active. In looking for an internship, I hoped to find a place where I can undergo a well-rounded experience that would allow me to not only have chances to interact with those being served but also give me other skills needed to run a non-profit organization such as administrative work, fundraising and management skills. However, what truly drew me into applying to Arts for All was their work with children. I strongly relate and agree with their mission statement that art builds self-confidence, self-expression, teamwork, resilience, creativity, and other skills in children. With a background in art and childcare, the goals of AFA were in line with my personal beliefs.

What do you do when you are not working at Arts For All?

While I am not at AFA, I am most likely at class or in my studio. I am a second year graduate student at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn with plans to obtain a MFA (Masters of Fine Art) in Painting and Drawing. I live in Fort Greene, Brooklyn and have a semi-private studio space through the program where I spend a lot of my free time creating, writing and simply thinking. I enjoy being involved within the MFA program such as volunteering for the Pratt Artist League for events such as New Student Orientation and being an active member of the Pratt Painting Club. Although I choose to not work regular employment hours while in school at this time, I also operate my own freelance party services business offering services such as face painting, glitter tattoos, balloon animals and crafts for special events.

Describe yourself in three words.

Enthusiastic. Altruistic. Resourceful.

What would you like to do after AFA and graduate school?

On my first day at AFA, Alan Ostroff, Director and Secretary of Arts for All asked me this question and it was pretty liberating and disconcerting that the best answer I could come up with was “I don’t know right now.” After reflecting on it, my dream has always been to one day open my own business, a studio and gallery. The front end would be a gallery space where the artwork of students and local artists may be viewed and sold while on the back end there would be an operating studio offering classes, residencies, and community programs. My short term goals are not as lucid at this point however I look forward to learning more about the world of non-profit organizations and immersing myself in the art world as a working and showing artist.

What is your favorite piece of artwork whether visual, performance or other?

My favorite piece of artwork is The Arnolfini Portrait by Jan van Eyck from 1434. The painting is oil on oak board and is slightly larger than 32 inches by 23 inches. Housed at the National Gallery in London, the portrait is of Giovanni Arnolfini and his bride. The painting is full of rich color, luxurious textures, and loaded with symbolism. Although I am an abstract painter myself, the thought put into this piece interests me and its intricacies keep my eyes on it.

jan_van_eyck_9_arnolfini_portraitThe Arnolfini Portrait by Jan van Eyck

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