LTA’s visit to the Tenement Museum

By Robin Chan, Intern

July 9, 2014

Through our Literacy Through the Arts Program (LTA), 2nd Grade students from PS15 visited the Tenement Museum, a structure erected in 1863 that once housed working class immigrants. It is now devoted to revealing historical accounts of immigration in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The students had previously visited the museum in December for The Tenement’s Meet Victoria school program, which introduced students to the historic figure Victoria Confino. Their past trip had significantly fueled their interests in both history and the arts, leading them to perform a play presenting Victoria as protagonist. Along with their maintained focus of Victoria as the central character in class activities, the students had imaginatively transformed her role and adapted her into the tale of Cinderella. The class developed their own fairy tale that incorporated details of Victoria’s experience as an immigrant residing in the Lower East Side during the 20th century.

Scrubberella-on-stage2-1024x764LTA Teaching Artist, Shawn Shafner, with 2nd grade students at PS 15.

Miriam Bader, Director of Education at the Tenement Museum, reflects on her experiences with the students, particularly on their performance in the play: “as the students activated Victoria’s story with their sounds and movements, I couldn’t help but think about what the real Victoria Confino would have thought about this development. I am pretty sure she would have liked their adaptation and cheered along with the rest of the audience.”

To read more about the day, review Miriam Bader’s blog post at

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