Meet our New Summer Intern: Robin Chan!

June 4, 2014

Meet our New Summer Intern: Robin Chan!

IMG_2884_2AFA: Give us a brief introduction of yourself.

RC: I’m an undergraduate student at NYU, double-majoring in Art History and Economics with a minor in Studio Art. I was born and raised in Hong Kong and attended an international school from the age of four. I’m bilingual, proficient in English and Chinese (both Cantonese and Mandarin). I enjoy spending my free time creating art, jogging, photographing and volunteering.

AFA: What are three words that best describe you?

RC: Adventurous, spontaneous, and creative.

AFA: What interested you in becoming an intern at Arts For All?

RC: From a young age, I’ve been interested in serving the community, particularly families that face socioeconomic difficulties. Throughout high school in Hong Kong, I’ve regularly volunteered at local orphanage centers and elementary schools, teaching children both English and mathematics. However, I perhaps became most involved in community and service upon pursuing a research project on the poverty line in Hong Kong towards the end of my junior year that focused specifically on “cage homes.” The experience prompted me to develop a children’s picture book that aimed to educate the young community about the notion of giving to those in need.

I also greatly appreciated the arts, particularly music, dance, and visual arts amongst other artistic forms. From the age of five until my teenage years, I took piano, drawing, and painting classes. They gave me the opportunity to explore artistic expression and to cultivate creativity. I’m now 20 and still take studio art classes in college.

I wanted to continue pursuing my interests throughout college, and AFA’s mission most interested me. Not only would I be assisting in developing artistic opportunities to children in New York City, but also be working at an organization that incorporates some of my greatest interests.

AFA: Before becoming an intern at Arts For All, have you been involved with the organization?

RC: I was first introduced to AFA my freshman year through a community-and-service-based art club at NYU, Arts in the Community. In fact, the first club event I attended was with AFA: “The Day of Art” with New Alternatives for Children. My experience at the event was a remarkably positive one; it involved assisting children at various stations including dance, drawing, and arts and crafts. I then became more involved with AFA by volunteering at their annual Barnes and Noble Book Fair and Benefit Concert at Joe’s Pub. Finally here I am—interning at AFA over the summer!

AFA: What’s your favorite piece of art? Be it theatre, a painting, a song…and why?

RC: As an Art History major with a primary interest in painting and sculpture, it’s nearly impossible to pick several favorites, let alone one favorite piece. Narrowing down my selection to those two media, I would perhaps choose a work by 19th-century French painter Gustave Courbet. He went against the grain of societal attitudes towards the artistic expression of the human anatomy, which ultimately fueled his realization of the Realist movement. Amongst his impressive oeuvre of naturalistic large-scaled oil paintings, I particularly appreciate “The Stone Breakers.” It is a genre scene of social realism at the time, depicting two peasants, a young man and an old man, in the act of breaking rocks. Through his highly realistic painting style, he successfully informs viewers of the harsh working conditions of peasant workers in mid-19th-century Europe and attempts to raise awareness and garner help from the masses.

I also particularly appreciate the works of Jan Van Eyck, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres Robert Campin, Piet Mondrian, and Keith Haring.

AFA: What do you hope to do after college?

RC: I intend on graduating in the Fall of 2015 with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Art History and Economics. After college, I envision myself doing curatorial work at a museum or gallery in the city. I may even explore business marketing that involves fine arts. I hope to eventually obtain a Master of Arts degree in Art History.

Gustave_Courbet_-_The_Stonebreakers_-_WGA05457The Stone Breakers by Gustave Courbet

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