Our 2013 Audience Project Tour, “Pinocchio.”

Thanks so much to everyone who supported our Audience Project Tour of “Pinocchio.” The show was met with great excitement by the students and teachers at our partnering schools.  Here are some quotes from some of the children who saw “Pinocchio.”

 “My favorite part was when Pinocchio saved his dad because Pinocchio really loves his dad.  I learned that Pinocchio really loves his dad and not to lie because it comes back.”

“My favorite part was when Pinocchio’s nose grew longer and longer when he lied to the blue fairy about where the gold was. I learned not to lie, be loyal.”

 “I learned there is a blue fairy who gives good advice.  And an Italian man wrote Pinocchio.”

Thanks to the enthusiastic support for this production from our donors, we won a fundraising prize of $2,400 from our fundraising platform, Global Giving.  With your help, we were able to bring this engaging production of “Pinocchio” and the excitement of live theater to over 2,500 under-served kids in New York City. Thanks for believing in the work that we do!
Here’s a fun picture from the show.

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