Intern Profile: Carly Ginsberg

The Arts For All staff interviews our summer 2013 intern, Carly Ginsberg!

Please describe yourself in 3 words.

Big-hearted. Kooky. Imaginative.

CarlyI love that.  What made you interested in Arts For All and arts education?

I follow a lot of the rules of theatre in my daily life, and I owe the art form a lot for making me the person that I am. Things like always being open, putting my attention on the other person, constantly asking myself what I want, and trying to fill my gaping hole—they’re sometimes really, really daunting and difficult things to do, but when they’re done right, everything just feels right. And they make you a more empathetic, kindhearted person.

Theatre is one of the primary reasons why I’m determined to cultivate empathy in the classroom—the practice of wholeheartedly listening and fully understanding the feelings and perspectives of others.  Two parts of myself that I used to consider so different from each other—the actress and social innovator—have, in turn, shaped one my greatest life goals: redefining classrooms as places of empathy for everyone, everywhere. I believe that cultivating empathy in students will not only enhance their own capabilities, but will also eliminate so much of the bullying and other hindering social qualities that infiltrate the current school systems. I wholeheartedly believe that this cultivation of empathy comes from bringing art into the classroom, in all of its forms.

I also really want to spread theatre magic everywhere! It makes you a better person. It opens up your mind. It makes you see the world in a pretty amazing way.

That’s a great answer.  And so in line with our mission.  What are you excited to learn this summer at Arts For All?

I’m so excited to learn about what it truly means to be a Teaching Artist, and to work directly with students in this new and exciting way.

What were your experiences with art as a child?  How did those experiences impact you?

I was pretty sassy as a child. There’s no denying it. But, it was all good sass, I promise. I channeled all of my sass into creative energy, and spent most of my time creating my own shows in the entryway of my house, or writing crazy stories that I unabashedly called novels. Art was and is my savior. The stage is where I feel most at home, even if the stage is the floor of my home in California. I’m a wacky, passionate performer and I’m so grateful that I learned that at such a young age.

Who do you look up to, professionally and personally, and why?

I love Jenny Slate. Along with being one of my favorite comedians and actresses, Jenny is also an empathy enthusiast.  Her creation, “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On,” is all about appreciating the gigantic world around you. It’s about perspective. And it’s fun and silly. It’s everything that I value about art. Jenny’s sense of humor is almost freakishly identical to mine, which is another reason why I value her so much. Words float out of her mouth in this funky, yet beautiful, way, and I just love it. I admire Jenny because she does what she loves without any inhibition.

What do you hope to do after college?  What’s the dream?

I want to be happy, and I want to make other people happy.  That’s the dream.

What’s your favorite piece of theatre?  What’s your favorite musical score? Why?

This is a big question! I like theatre that shakes things up—theatre that makes you see the world in a different way. I love theatre that jumps off of the stage and hits the back wall. A piece of theatre that has done this to me is this little show I saw at the Yale Summer Cabaret a few years ago called “The Phoenix” by Isabella Carmody. I went one night with my friends and was so touched by it that I went back the next night by myself. It had a magical effect on me, I think because of its fantastical, yet beautifully naïve and child-like nature. My favorite musical score is probably Hair. It’s happy and peaceful and energizing and inspiring all at the same time.

Thanks Carly!  We look forward to hearing more from you this summer.

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