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URGENT: Due to the harsh economic climate, Arts For All may face programming cuts due to funding challenges.  Please donate to our programs for in-need New York City youth.

If you cannot donate, there are plenty of other ways to help us out!  Tell a friend about the work we do for young people in all five boroughs, post on Facebook or Twitter about Arts For All, write your City Council member about the work we do in the community, or throw a small fundraiser for us.  For more information, please contact

Why support Arts For All?  Here are 7 reasons:

  1. Arts education budgets are consistently being slashed, so organizations like Arts For All serve a vital purpose to bring arts education back into schools.
  2. Arts For All reaches over 3,000 kids in New York City each year with targeted arts programs that are in line with state learning standards.
  3. Over 70% of the support Arts For All receives goes directly into programs.
  4. Our 20 organizational and school partners rely on Arts For All’s programs to engage their students.
  5. Robin Cannon Colwell, Lena Moy-Bordgen, and Shawn Shafner are hard at work teaching literacy through song, music, choral speaking, dance, puppets and theatre in K-2nd Grades.
  6. Even without power, the Arts For All staff re-scheduled the 4 Audience Project shows that were canceled due to Hurricane Sandy, so the team is still reaching kids in each borough who need the smiles more than ever.
  7. Because Arts For All inspires learning like this: “I got the time of my life and I gained a new story. One to remember for the rest of my life.” – 7th grade student at Renaissance Charter School

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