Committee roles and responsibilities:  The Programming Committee supports the Executive Director in ensuring quality programming for the children we serve.  The Programming Committee is an advisory committee to the Executive Director that will take on projects to further programming needs.  Projects may include work in assessment, training, focus on specific programs and ways of enhancing those programs, events for artists and volunteers, and more.   Those on the committee should be able to communicate well with Teaching Artists, Volunteers, and children, and should be willing to set aside time to meet with Teaching Artists and Volunteers as needed for projects, as well as go on site visits to programs for the children we serve.

Top priorities:

  1. Assessment and Evaluation of Programs – Defining Strengths and Weaknesses of what we are offering in order to create higher quality programs
  2. Training for Teaching Artists and Volunteers / Space and time to share their ideas and work
  3. Coming up with new and exciting program opportunities for the children we serve

 Skills/Expertise needed:

  • Evaluation and Assessment
  • Creativity
  • Leadership (for training sessions and group discussions)
  • Individuals with a strong background in teaching and working with youth

Chair: Shawn Shafner

Current members: Anna Roberts Ostroff, Jill Roberts Piscatella, Shawn Shafner (Committee Chair), Miranda Shields, and Donna Tait.

Meeting schedule: Quarterly meetings – either conference calls or in person, but need to meet regularly face-to-face to build the team.  May have meetings more often when working on a specific project with specific deadlines.

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