Directors of Arts For All are required to:

  • Be fiscally responsible, with other Board members, for the organization.  They will know what the budget is and take an active part in reviewing, approving, and monitoring the budget and fundraising to meet it;
  • Support strategic and business planning to ensure the effective deployment of resources;
  • To support the Executive Director and the Board to fulfill the mission of Arts For All;
  • Monitor performance of the organization against its objectives and to support continuous improvement in achieving impact for the communities we serve;
  • Know their legal responsibilities for the organization and those of fellow Board members;
  • Know and oversee the implementation of policies and programs;
  • Accept the by-laws of Arts For All and moral responsibility of the health and well-being of the organization;
  • Actively engage in fundraising for Arts For All in whatever ways are best suited to their skills.  This may include individual solicitations, undertaking special events, writing mail appeals etc;
  • Make a personally significant financial contribution to Arts For All;
  • Act as a passionate advocate of Arts For All, it’s mission and vision;
  • Attend Board meetings, be available for phone consultation and respond to electronic communication in a timely manner.

Directors of Arts For All are expected to have:

  • Passion and enthusiasm for the vision and mission, and commitment to creating artistic opportunities for all young people in the NYC area;
  • Demonstrable strategic vision and the ability to think, act, and communicate strategically;
  • Leadership and focus to deliver the Arts For All mission;
  • An ability to network and build relationships with high profile individuals and organizations across the not-for-profit, public and private sector;
  • Skill and sensitivity in working with people at all levels, both internally and externally (including staff, volunteers, partners, and participants);
  • A readiness to represent the Arts For All credibly and passionately, with strong communication skills;
  • A good sense of humor and readiness to help out at events, as needed.

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